Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Oh, Snap! Guest post

My friend Ellen is hosting a 30-day tutorial on how to use your DSLR camera over on her blog, Grace Tells Another Story. Several bloggers are sharing their expertise. There is so much wonderful information to be gleaned!

When Ellen asked if I wanted to participate, I started thinking..."What about people who want to take quality pictures, but they can't afford a DSLR? What should they do?" 

So yes, my post will be about frugal photography, with a class called 'bridge cameras.'

It should be up for you to read tomorrow, but in the meantime, go read some of the first 15 days' excellent posts. Get out your camera and get ready to shoot some superb photos this holiday season!

Keep an eye on our Facebook page, I'll be sure to let you know when our post is ready!

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