Saturday, November 30, 2013

And then there were none...

A recent picture of Aunt Edie by my cousin Tanya
Last week my Great-Aunt Edith died. She was the last living sibling of the ten children of my Great-Grandparents Homer and Gertrude Smith. My Grandma Lucile was the oldest, Aunt Edie was number 7. Each of my Grandma's brothers and sisters played an important part in my life. They each taught me something valuable about life and family. I miss them all, but I am making an effort to remember the things they taught me, and teach them to our children.

Aunt Edie - Circa 1940?

There are 4 lasting lessons I learned from Aunt Edie:

1- Be comfortable as yourself. No one else is you. So why try to be someone else? Find out who you are and be yourself.

2- A smile is your best accessory. Your smile can brighten someone's day. A smile makes anyone beautiful.

3- Good manners DO matter. How long has it been since you heard someone say "Thank You!"?  I think it is time we get back to using good manners and teaching them to our children.

4- Love is never-ending! Leave a legacy behind you, one that speaks volumes of love.

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