Thursday, July 25, 2013

Thankful Thursdays- 7/25/13 - A swimming pool

Today I was thankful for a swimming pool...the one owned by our friends! While the weather was unseasonably cool, it was still warm enough the girls still got to spend time with their friends in the swimming pool, and I got to talk with my friend, the other Mom. 

Sometimes, you just want to unwind. Today was that day for us. Life has been busy. Today we enjoyed a light lunch, and the girls got in the pool. They got to talk, I got to talk, and everyone had a good time.

I know it can be hard on our girls sometimes, because both of us work. We are thankful that God has provided our jobs, so we can provide for our family. I am especially thankful for the flexibility I have at my makes homeschooling easier. For some people, I think they have a hard time understanding what our life is like. We know it is where God has placed us, and we are thankful for His provisions. But, at times, I just want to give our girls a break, a day off, a day of fun. This isn't often possible because of the demands of work, or budget constraints.

God has blessed us in numerous ways over the years we have been home schooling. Sometimes it is a book, or a bag of cucumbers. Sometimes it is a praying friend, who encourages us to keep on keeping on!

Today our friends ministered to our needs, through an open door, a big yard, a pool, and a pizza. We are thankful for their generous hearts! I now feel refreshed and ready to minister again to others.

Go! Be an encourager to someone else today!

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