Thursday, July 18, 2013

Stop the March - I want to get off the road!

Ever had those days when you see someone else's actions, and they remind you of your own? How about when that realization brings conviction that you need to change? I had that just the other day. 

I was at the grocery, and a Mom walked by with her 3 kids. Walked would be an euphemism, "Marched by" would be a more accurate term. This Mom obviously had a plan to be somewhere OTHER than the grocery store. In my mind I thought "stop marching your kids, they don't look like they're enjoying it."

Then God convicted my spirit. He was showing me how MY children feel when I march then through life. I'll admit we've done our share of marching in the past 12 months. Sometimes marching is good for you. It can build muscle and strength of character. Sometimes, though, it just discourages us.

I think there have been times when I've missed the heart issues because I've been so intent on where we're marching to, that I forget to check on my troops.

I pray that God will forgive me, and give me a more tender heart. I pray that the girls forgive me, and that I would more carefully listen to the Spirit for direction. This is our family, our school, our life...this is not 12 weeks of Basic Training for the US Army.

So stop this march! I want to get off of this road, and wander down the path for a while. I want to remember the journey, not just the destination.

Here's to a better tomorrow, with less marching. For us...and maybe for you too?!

Remember, God's mercies are new every morning... ours should be too!

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