Monday, April 29, 2013

Thankful Thursdays- 4/26/2013- Quality Mechanics

Ok, I know I'm several days late with this... but last week was rough around here, so please forgive me.
One of the issues we faced was a dying alternator. Yeah, the part that recharges your battery so your car starts again, that alternator!

So today I want to say how thankful I am that we have quality mechanics we can trust. I also like that they can often get your vehichle in the same day, or at least the next day, so you're not stuck waiting, and waiting...

This is 4-H season at our house. For any of you that participate in 4-H you'll know what that means: meetings, project workshops, and our favorite: trips to the range for Shooting Sports.

Without our quality mechanics to get the vehicle repaired, all of that would have ground to a halt. Thankfully, they got the parts in and had us up and running the next afternoon- YEA!

So, if you've got a favorite mechanic, remember to say "Thank You!" 

If you need a good mechanic, and you live near Anderson, IN, call Riley and Sons at 765-649-4902, they have a whole garage full of great guys!

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