Monday, April 15, 2013

Heavy hearts

The world we live in is full of fallen, sinful people. How our sinfulness manifests itself, and whether or not we are controlled by our sinful nature, or by Christ's redeeming self, is shown through our daily words and deeds. 

Today, in Boston, evil presented itself. 

Tragedy can strike at anytime, the question I keep asking my heavy heart is this: How prepared am I to deal with tragedy? Tragedy that might happen to my family, or to someone we know and love.

I don't go looking for tragedy, in fact, I try to find the good in everything. Yet still, a part of my heart hurts for those families, those friends, that city. We watched some of the tv footage. The good I found was the response of the people, being willing to help those around them. The newspeople talked about Doctors and Nurses who had just finished running the marathon, or who were there cheering on their own family and friends who stepped out, and stepped up to help. 

I am sure none of the runners got up this morning thinking about tragedy. They got up, and got moving, they double and triple-checked their shoes, their running clothes, their race info. Tonight, some of them are focused on the tragedy that unfolded around them. Others are still in shock. Pray for them. 

Pray for yourselves as well. Pray that you would be a light shining in this dark world. Showing others the love of Jesus, the only true hope we have. Pray, pray, and pray some more. Love, help, and love some more. You may not live in Boston, but  you can still be a comfort to hurting people, a strong hand that reaches out to help. Don't wait for a tragedy to strike to motivate you. Be the hands and feet of Jesus. Today, and always.

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