Saturday, April 29, 2017


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When was the last time you took your children outdoors? Not just on the way to the to the car to go to the store or to church, but OUTDOORS!?!

Our families need to spend time out of doors, out in nature, out in God's creation. 

It took me all week long to get this tiny little post typed, because there were much more important things to do... outdoors. :)

We weeded part of the strawberry patch, we mowed the yard, we enjoyed time on the porch swing, and we watched the clouds roll in before the thunderstorms arrived.

Make it a point to get outdoors everyday with your children. Go on a walk, weed the flowerbeds, draw with sidewalk chalk, pick up trash...whatever you do, spend some time out in God's creation.

Go outdoors, and enjoy it!

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  1. If the hard rain would stop we might actually make it outside. Granted we need the rain. Yesterday, we had an hour window and I think both of my kids ran outside!