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Daily Bible Jigsaw ~ A Crew Review

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Growing up, my family and I put together more jigsaw puzzles than you could count. While I still like the challenging fun of putting a puzzle together piece by piece, I rarely have time to clean off the table and get out one of the 500 piece boxes, much less a bigger one. Then along came an answer in the form of an unusual review: Daily Bible Jigsaw from Planet 316. Daily Bible Jigsaw has now become my go-to when I want a little puzzle challenge, but don't have a lot of time.

Daily Bible Jigsaw is a free jigsaw puzzleapp for iOS devices (Apple) or on Googleplay (Android.) You can also play it in your browser while on Facebook. Because Arlene and I both wanted to try it out, I installed it on her iPad Mini and we shared an account. The app is free, but you can get and spend 'coins' to use the tools to help you solve the puzzles more quickly. The special tools are: rotate, sweep, magnet, and edges. These tools will cost you between 1 and 2 coins each time you use them. Some of the Crew reviewers have been playing Daily Bible Jigsaw on Facebook so they could earn extra coins and compete in the rankings with their friends. We did not use it on Facebook. If you would like to learn more about how that works, click the banner at the bottom of the page and read some of the other reviews. 

For us, we found the daily puzzles a great way to have fun while relaxing. Each puzzle has 30 pieces - six wide by five high. The tool that I used the most was rotate. For two coins, this turns all of the pieces the correct way up, which saved about four minutes off of my time of needing to rotate them, some of which I had trouble figuring out when to stop rotating - LOL! 

There is a Guide button at the top of the page that can show you the full picture to give you hints. I usually tried to do the puzzles without looking at the picture unless I got stuck. After all, I was not competing with anyone else, and it was only 30 pieces, not 1000! Some of the pictures are cute, some more serious, especially several of the ones during the two weeks leading up to Easter. When you have completed the puzzle, the screen gets shot with confetti and a Bible verse is overlaid on the picture.

jigsaw puzzleapp, daily jigsaw puzzles

Arlene has been playing almost every day since we got the app, and I've played it a couple days each week. We were gifted with some coins for the review period so we could try out all the bonus features right away. Arlene and I have been going back and playing past puzzles from before we downloaded the app. This usually requires you to spend coins, but occasionally there are free days. Once you have done the daily puzzle the first time, it fills in the corresponding spot on the calendar which gives you a monthly picture. See the top-right screen capture in the blue graphic above for last month's picture.

The other tools available for use include Edges, which hides the not-yet-connected pieces from the middle of the daily jigsaw puzzles until you have the edges put together. Then the middle pieces are revealed again so you can complete the puzzle. There is also a sweep tool which moves all the pieces off of the main part of the puzzle board. I tried the magnet tool a time or two, it connects two pieces together for you, but it did not significantly alter my playing time, so I mostly stuck with the rotate and edges tools.

daily jigsaw puzzles, Bible Games

Overall we both had fun playing Daily Bible Jigsaw. There were only a couple of glitches in the app at the beginning of the review, and Planet 316's tech team had them quickly resolved. This is a fun app for all ages. Without using any tools or the visual guide to the picture, I could finish most of the puzzles in around seven minutes. By using the rotate and/ or edges tools I cut that down to two to three minutes for most of the puzzles. There are ways to earn coins, like getting the power piece in place in each puzzle before it stops glowing. Whether or not you will want to purchase additional coins to use will depend on whether you are looking to do the puzzle to relax, or to compete with your friends on Facebook. Either way, go try out the free app. I think you will be glad you did!

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  1. nice review Carol, it's a good little app isn't it?

    1. Yes, it is! We've been enjoying it. :)