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Learn Cursive with This New Adult Coloring Book From Cursive Logic

By now many of you have read about the ingenious method of learning cursive that is presented by the people over at Cursive Logic. If you missed our original review of Cursive Logic, please read it now!  Cursive Logic's method has divided the entire lower-case alphabet into four types of letter shapes, thus simplifying the learning process. It really is a fantastic method!

Just recently we were alerted about a new product from Cursive Logic: The Art of Cursive Logic adult coloring book. This newest offering is currently a KickStarter project. While they have met their initial goal, I wanted to let you know how awesome this is, so you can make sure you get your order in before 11 a.m. on February 22, 2017 so you can get your copy sooner!

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Nathan over at Cursive Logic sent me a sample booklet of some of the pages that will be included in the final book so Arlene and I could review it and tell you about it. IT IS AWESOME! Our sample included the instruction pages, plus four of the 24 designs that will be in the final adult coloring book. I think this is a fantastic opportunity for adults to either  A- learn cursive if they never have, or B- relearn cursive so their handwriting is more legible. It would also be a great incentive for middle-grade and above aged students to work to perfect their handwriting through the repetition included in the artwork.

Arlene and I both enjoy relaxing while coloring in our various adult coloring books. The Art of Cursive Logic is unique in that it includes all of the basic lessons from the Cursive Logic method of teaching cursive. The book contains practice pages where you can practice the quotes that go with each of the coloring designs. The designs are a wonderful mix of practicing your cursive techniques alongside more traditional coloring spaces. Since our sample only included four pictures, Arlene and I were arguing over discussing who gets to do each one. LOL! 

You will want to head over to their KickStarter page and watch the introduction video. Don't worry, I'll put the link again down at the bottom of this post so you can watch it when you're done reading.

So how do I know that we as adults need a refresher on our handwriting? Personal experience. Recently Emily graduated from High School and received several hand-written cards. There were a couple of them where I needed to help her decipher the unique style of some of our family and friends' handwriting. But besides that, here is the biggest tip-off that we could all use a refresher: I work several days a week doing merchandising at the local grocery store. I cannot begin to tell you how many times a week I help gentlemen find items from their wives' shopping lists. Sometimes it is not that they need help finding the actual item, but rather they need help deciphering what their wives wrote down.  Might that be Kurt someday? If I don't take the time to slow down and preserve my handwriting now, because I spend so much time typing, it very well could be. If you want to know who else will appreciate this coloring book and the lessons it teaches? Mailmen! Just think about what they go through each year trying to read the names and addresses on those Christmas and Birthday cards. No folks, not even the smarter new computers can decipher some of your scrawl. Give your mailman a break and get yourself a copy of this great new cursive coloring book!

cursive, adult coloring, handwriting, cursive logic

So here are the nitty-gritty details: The KickStarter project is open until February 22, 2017 at 11 a.m. EST. There are several levels to choose from, from a single copy of the book shipped anywhere in the world for $15 (which will be printed on thick paper so you can use pens, markers, or pencils without fear of bleed-through,) to bundles where you can purchase multiple copies of the book, or even hand-colored art prints made of the artwork from the book by the artist.  Of course, as with every KickStarter project, you could just make a donation without a reward because you love the idea that people are learning cursive!

Now, because I know you want to go watch that video, I have just one more quick thing to tell you: Cursive Logic is offering a free download of one of the coloring sheets from the book if you share thier KickStarter campaign on Facebook with this link:

Go watch the intro video and see some of the cool adult coloring pages that will be in the final book. Then get your free page by sharing the link above, and lastly, get your copies ordered before the February 22nd deadline so you can get them in the first printing! I think demand will be high for this fantastic resource.

Now that I'm done taking pictures of it, I can give Arlene back her pages to finish coloring! :)

We received a free sample copy of this product in exchange for telling you about this resource. We were not required to write a positive review. All opinions are ours. We are disclosing this in accordance with FTC regulations.

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