Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Costume or Character?

Later this week, a lot of children will dress up and go around ringing doorbells. This post is NOT about that...but it got me thinking.

Do we teach our children to put on a 'costume' of doing or saying the right things... or do we teach their character? I want our girls to grow up and be known as young women of high moral character. I don't want them known for being the prettiest or best dressed (although there is nothing wrong with either.) I want people to know them as girls who care for others, who serve others.

So how do we go about growing our kids' character? It starts with a lot of prayer. Then a lot of getting our own character worked on by God.I can't expect our girls to do or be something that I haven't bothered to do or be myself.

If I want their character to include self-control, I had better exhibit some restraint...even under pressure. If I want them to learn how to serve, or love others...I need to be serving and loving.

Let me encourage you that none of us parents has achieved everything we set out to do last week, or last year...but that doesn't mean we stop trying.

If your child wants to dress up in a costume, let them. (I'm not so sure I'd send them out to ring doorbells, but that's YOUR decision to make.) Just don't neglect to work on the deeper side of their character as well.

Praying for grace to cover your day!

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