Thursday, September 20, 2018

Love - word of the year end of summer update

Love, refining, end of summer update

I had planned to do a post that was a summer update about how things are going with my word of the year... but since Fall starts on Saturday, let's just call this an End-of-summer update. 


Songs are sung, poems are written, and it seems everyone has a different definition for what love is or is not. I'll go back to DC Talk's words: "love is a verb." Jesus Christ was love incarnate. The example for each of us to follow about putting others before ourselves. To love someone, we must think of their needs before our own. Oh, as a mom you get lots of opportunities to practice loving your children, but sometimes it is done as a "need to" not a "want to." 

Can it really be called love if we don't want to do it? I say yes because love is making the choice to do the right thing even when, especially when, it contradicts what our selfish natures want. That's the thing about being a Christian - we are not made perfect when we accept Christ. We are viewed as forgiven, clean, because of Jesus' death and resurrection when we accept Him, but the refining process to make us more like Him is a life-long one. 

So how has this word for the year been working in my life recently? Hmm...

God has been giving me a lot of opportunities recently to sit and listen to others share what is on their hearts. It has been good for me to work on listening, hopefully without interrupting, and hearing not only what people are saying, but what is left unsaid. Sometimes it is the unsaid areas where we need the most prayer and encouragement. 

God has used this summer to stretch me and refine me. Sometimes its not been too bad, other days I'm thankful that the Bible reminds us that these are light and momentary troubles. Because some days they seem heavy and long-lasting. Then something happens and we more clearly see Jesus' face and are reminded that they are momentary trials designed to make us more like Christ.

I was given a lot of blessings this summer. God has lavished opportunities upon me that I did not foresee, but am truly thankful for. He has given me the chance to put my faith into action, and He is showing me the daily working of the Holy Spirit in my life. At times it has been almost overwhelming to think that anyone would love me enough to provide all of these blessings - but then I am reminded that he is my Father, and He knows how to give good gifts!

There have been a lot of opportunities to spend time with our girls, and continue to tie heart-strings. These are moments I will always cherish! I've had a peace that only God can provide, and plenty of opportunities to rejoice. There have been tough days too, but less of those recently, for which I am also thankful!

What will this fall hold? Probably more change, but also more opportunities to choose to love those around me. That will let me love people like God has loved me this summer.

For that opportunity - I will rejoice!

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  1. So good to read your update. Much learning done! And yes, the whole LISTENING with a whole-heartedness...a needful thing to remember to do!