Monday, September 3, 2018


Last Friday's word prompt from Kate was Rush. Even before I knew what the word was going to be, I had been feeling stretched too thin by the rush of life and had decided to take the weekend to rest. This is where that rest led me...

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Rush, rush, rush, that seems to be all I do these days. And yet, God has been quietly telling me - in multiple ways - to rest. To rest my body, to rest my mind, to rest my anxious thoughts. To rest and remember that He is in control of every step of my future.

So I called a vacation. I told my family that I would be resting this long weekend, and that I would be spending some time out in nature - in the quiet - away from phones and computers and clocks with alarms.

I so needed to set aside the tendency to rush and not really accomplish anything well and instead rest, and let God accomplish things for me.

On Friday Arlene and I went to a remote state park (without any cell phone coverage) and went hiking. What a glorious time of not needing to answer anything. No phones, no emails, no in-store pages asking me to come find something. 

Saturday I really wanted to write, but God reminded me that those readers would still be there if I took a few days off to rest, so I rested instead. We went to an outdoor concert, and I focused on just relaxing. No chores, no deadlines, just sunshine, clouds, and a cotton candy colored sunset.

Sunday we went to church and God spent some time reminding me about how HE is the one who determines our steps. How thankful I am for that - a reminder that I am not in charge of whether an idea lives or dies. That my timeline is such a silly thing when God has bigger plans for my life. A reminder to let go, to rest again in Him. To be His child.

Today, I rested, and then I did a little work on Arlene's coursework for this, her last semester of high school. Mostly though, I rested. Thank you God for allowing this rushed Mama a time to rest. Thank you readers for understanding that we all need a time of rest.

When I feel the pull to rush, may I continually hearken back to God's voice that calls me to rest in Him. I will work, I will write, I will love on my family, but help me to no longer rush.


  1. Thank you for sharing how you were able to slow down and rest last weekend. Your post reminds me of the importance of getting outside and enjoying the beauty of God's creation. I hope you have a lovely day!

  2. I feel the need to rest too! Even though we just had a little vacation on the long weekend, I have been in high gear ever since we got back. Next week is vacation for us and although it won't be a relaxed and unplugged vacation, it will be a break from the routines and I'm looking forward to enjoying some downtime. Putting my feet up, and turning my anxious thoughts way down. :-) Thanks for sharing!

  3. Taking a rest is so important! It is often very difficult for me to remember that my timeline is not the important one - that God's is.

  4. yay, so glad you heeded that voice and took your needed time. After these past two weeks I feel like I need that TOO! :)