Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Scarcity or Abundance?

scarcity versus abundance, choosing your mindset, trusting God

Do you operate from a mindset of scarcity or abundance?

Which mindset you operate from tells a lot about your overall view of the world, of God, and of your ability to trust others. I've been thinking about this scarcity versus abundance attitude for a couple of days and yesterday I was really struck again by how much of our view of the world is dependent upon our view of God and His provision.

Let me give you an example...

Right now I have $15 in my wallet. 

If that was you, would you be worrying about having enough (a scarcity mindset) or would you be thankful for the $15 (abundance mindset)? 

Regardless of what else I told you about my day, or my week to come, can I choose to trust God that $15 is more than enough to meet all my needs? Can you?

There are so many places all over the world where people would be dancing with joy to have the equivalent of $15 in their hands. Places where scarcity of food or resources is a reality, but people do not spend their time in worry because they trust that God will supply their needs. Here in America way too often we are filled with dread at how little money we have because we are relying upon ourselves to provide for all of our needs. 

How do we learn to let go of the scarcity mindset? Only through prayer and learning to trust that God will indeed provide what we need. It can be hard to learn to walk by faith, but I'll let you in on a secret I've learned: it is much easier to keep walking by faith with very little in your hands than to waver back and forth between walking by faith and walking by sight dependent on what's in your wallet!

On this week leading up to Easter, look at all the blessings God has already showered upon us. He gave us His Son to save us from our sin! Surely a God with that much love will continue to supply our earthly needs as well. 

Take a look around you, you are blessed beyond measure. The little that you do have (in money, food, or faith) can be used by God to meet your needs and the needs of others as well. Choose to live from an abundance mindset - one that trusts God to supply - whatever the need.

Hunger and thirst for righteousness, not the things of this world. 
God stands waiting to fill your open arms with His love!

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  1. good reminder as we enter into a season of not quite as an abundant life. :)