Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Reading and Writing March discounted bundle from The Old Schoolhouse

Reading and writing, two things our children are prone to struggle with for a while. 

Sometimes a long while. 

I remember when Arlene was first learning how to read, she could sound out the words, but reading did not come easily to her like it did for her big sister. 

Arlene loved when other people read to her, but she was struggling with reading by herself. I distinctly remember one day when we were at the library and she told her favorite librarian, Miss Toni, "I can't read." 

Of course Miss Toni, being the great librarian she was, encouraged Arlene like we had at home that she could read, it just took her a little longer than it took some other people. She reminded Arlene about the book she had read the week before. It was a simple book, but it showed Arlene that she was making progress.

Do you have a child like that? One who struggles a bit that you wish you could find just the right encouragement for? If you answered yes, you should check out the March bundle special from The Old Schoolhouse. It is titled: Building Readers and Writers from Preschoolers to Teens. It is a combination of 13 eBooks about reading, writing, encouraging readers, and more, plus four print issues of The Old Schoolhouse magazine. Though March 31st, 2018 it is on sale for $29. You can find all the details by clicking the picture below.

For those of you who know that Arlene now loves to read, thus her Books With Bean weekly column on the blog, you may wonder how she got through her struggles. 


Yes, Garfield, the lively and lovable lasagna-eating cat drawn by Jim Davis. Our library has the collection books where you can read an entire series of the comics strips. Emily and Arlene found them on the shelf and checked them out to take home. They would sprawl on the floor of their room and Emily would read them to Arlene. Eventually Emily got tired of reading to Arlene, but the books weren't finished. Arlene could look at the pictures, but struggled to read well enough to understand the punchline in the last frame of the comic. Her desire to know why the Garfield comics were funny inspired her to work harder at sounding out words she did not know. Soon she was reading Garfield by herself.  

Every child has a motivation factor that will help them work through the learning struggle. As parents, it falls upon us to help them find that key.

Hoping you find the key to unlock your child's desire to work through and succeed!

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