Saturday, March 17, 2018

Habakkuk 1:5

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Ok, Let's start from the beginning. This verse was God's response to Habakkuk's cry for help - he saw the violence all around his country and was asking God to intervene. God did intervene, but He told Habakkuk it would not happen as Habakkuk wanted, rather God was going to use another nation to clear the land, a people not His own, and then He would punish them for all of the destruction they had done for so long. I don't think that is the answer that Habakkuk was expecting. Why would God use a lost nation?

I guess Habakkuk needed to learn the same lesson we need to learn, that God's ways are bigger than we can comprehend. God's plan may not make sense to us, but it will accomplish His will in His timing.

Does this verse still have a place in our lives today? I think yes. God is still intimately involved in our lives. He has a plan to work, and if we are aware of His working, we will be amazed.

Recently we had a women's conference at our church. God showed up in a big way and touched so many of our hearts with a lot of grace and healing. He showed me a path to follow. He removed the cloud of grief that had been surrounding my heart for far too long and reminded me that He STILL does amazing things!

I want to be amazed at the workings of God - daily, hourly, always. 

Be on the lookout for God to do amazing things in your life. Just remember the lesson from Habakkuk - it may not look like you were expecting, but God is still there, still in charge, still working out His will.

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