Saturday, November 11, 2017

Veteran's Day 2017

Veteran's Day tribute, Colored troops flags, thankfulness

May we remember those who have served our country on this Veterans Day.

May we be thankful for all they and their families have given in order that we could live as one nation, and may we once again act as one nation, working for the good of the whole, knowing that we hold a treasure here in the United States that is in rare supply: freedom!

For so many years, countless servicemen and women from all walks of life have given generously of their time and talents to keep our nation safe, and free. May we take a moment to realize and appreciate their sacrifices that have shaped our country. Each time we see an American flag, may it remind us of how blessed we are to live here.

To all of you who have served : Thank you!

To all of you who are serving, or are the families at home waiting for your loved ones to come home from their tour of duty: Thank you! You are in our prayers.

Today, may we once again be One Nation, under God. Serving others before ourselves.

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