Friday, November 24, 2017

The Hush of Black Friday at Home

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This morning, while millions of people were out shopping at the Black Friday sales, Arlene and I were enjoying the hush of home. Were you? We spent time doing things that just never seem to get done, like organizing books, and cleaning out my desk. No rushing, no long lines, no craziness - just the contentment of knowing we would be fine without whatever gadget everyone else wanted to be first in line for.

Sometimes we struggle with contentment. That is why I am focusing on Jesus for these 40 days before Christmas. If my eyes are on Him, they will not be on me, or on the things of the world around me. I can celebrate Christ as the true and real reason for the Christmas season if I remember that His gift was the perfect one for the hole in every heart.

I almost did not write anything today, because I knew if your inbox is anything like mine, it is bursting at the seams with Black Friday ads. 

But I wanted to write you a note - just to remind you how much you are loved! I needed to tell you that God's grace is big enough to fill all the emptiness you might be facing. And I needed to remind myself to enjoy the hush... of a Friday spent at home.

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