Friday, August 25, 2017


This week's Five Minute Friday prompt is: guide

five minute friday writing prompt, guide, Jesus

Do you ever wish the parts of your life came with instruction books? 
You know, with titles like:

How to be a young adult

What every parent should know

Teething and potty training 101

How do I get my child ready for college ?

How to avoid a mid-life crisis

We often look to the advice of others to guide us through our lives. While there is so much to be gleaned from the wisdom God has given to others, we need to make sure we are always going back to The Good Shepherd to guide us, to lead us beside still waters, and to restore our souls.

As a young mom just starting to homeschool I looked to those with more experience for advice. 
The best advice I got was this: pray.

Pray often, pray deeply, pray without saying Amen because you know as a mom you are going to need just as much help from God this afternoon as you needed this morning. :)

As we look to the One who guides us by His holy and mighty hand, may we remember to give the same advice to those who follow along this path behind us. If you are now one of the older moms, are you encouraging the younger moms to look to God for help and to pray? I truly believe this is what Titus 2 commands, for us to tell others about how God leads us through the good times and the bad!

Wherever you are today, know that God is there too. May you look to Him, and may you feel His loving arms guide and protect you through the days ahead.

May this song remind you to always look to Christ, because He is watching out for you.


  1. Thank you for these encouraging words, and so true. I especially like the part about not saying AMEN because moms need help all the time (and don't we all).

  2. I too looked to others, more experienced than I, when I first started homeschooling, after 4 years I've finally settled into a routine (but will be taking a year off). Oh I love that song you shared. So thankful God watches over us. I'm in the #7 spot this week.