Tuesday, July 4, 2017


Can you believe we are almost to the end of this Blogging through the Alphabet series? 

The letter for this week is Y

blogging through the alphabet, years

Y is for Years
The days are long, but the years are short. 

Have you heard that phrase before? I can attest it is true, each day can seem so long, especially if someone is potty training or struggling with long division. Mama, I am here to remind you that the years of homeschooling are short. From where I sit, with 14 years of homeschooling behind me, and only about a year left in front of us, it seems quite short indeed.

Finding joy along this journey has been so much easier when I remember to look for the blessings in the everyday activities of life. Some days it might seem like the only thing to be thankful for is that your children brushed their teeth before bed. If it is: still be thankful for it! 

There will be tough days.

There will be days when you doubt if you have made the right choice for your family. Go to God and ask Him to remind you about WHY you started on this homeschooling journey.  Get back to focusing on your why. So what if it takes your child longer to learn their multiplication tables? You are in this to be their parent until they are old enough to not need you anymore, which pretty much means forever, or at least 25! LOL! So if it takes them longer to learn multiplication, how to read, or how to do long division, remember, you still have a few years left to help them.

The picture above is from around 2010. Not really that long ago for me, but for our children, a huge chunk of their lifetime ago! The pictures below are from 2016. What a difference just a handful of years can make.

blogging through the alphabet, years, adult children

There will be better days ahead

Stop trying to do it all by yourself. God is able to meet all your needs. When you focus on how able God is to provide, and stop focusing on trying to do everything yourself, you should find more joy, and less stress. We can all use more joy! More joy for Mom means better days for everyone!

As a Mama who has always needed to work while homeschooling, I will tell you that over time you won’t remember the lack of sleep, but you will remember their joy when your children master something new. You will remember when they smile and tell you they love you! 

Make the most of each day, and remember to enjoy the years too!

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  1. I try hard to take that long term view as well, there's always time

  2. Focusing on joy is key for me. Thank you for reinforcing it so well here.

  3. So funny that we not only picked the same word but we used the same phrase as our opening lines too!