Friday, July 28, 2017


This Friday's word is: inspire

Only 5 minutes...

five minute friday writing prompt, inspire

What inspires me? 

It depends upon the day. Sometimes inspiration, for words or art, or even for a sewing project comes welling up from somewhere deep within me and just pours out. Other days it takes me a good, long while to feel inspired. 

Frankly, some days I don't feel inspired at all, but I know that God still has something for me to do, so I get up and get started on whatever is still waiting on that week's to-do list.

Often, my inspiration comes from nature. Looking at the beauty in the world that God created can usually inspire something in me. 

Occasionally, I just really need a shot of inspiration and I cry out asking God to inspire me. This seems to happen most often when I'm coming up on a deadline for my monthly newspaper column and haven't been thinking ahead about it. That's when my pre-work prayer includes something like this "and Lord, please give me something worth saying for this month's column, because I am fresh out of inspiration."

My inspiration for life though, that always comes from God. Sometime it comes directly from reading His Word, and sometimes it comes from times of fellowship with other Christians who inspire me to continue on in this race we are running.

Today, today my inspiration came from my children. They each have faced great obstacles with grace and determination this summer, and I was reminded that the same God who helped them overcome will help me overcome as well.

Where does your inspiration come from?


  1. Carol, thanks for your post. What comfort it is to know that we can depend on God to help us overcome the obstacles we face and also provide inspiration. Visiting from FMF. Blessings.

  2. So many things inspire me. God's word inspires. My family. My friends. Good books. Ideas that come from pictures or from nature, or the most unexpected places. So many things inspire me.

    When I'm inspired, I write. It's in writing and through writing that I process what inspires me. Sometimes, it's through writing that I know I'm inspired.

    I like that your children inspired you. I know my kids do.

    Your words of overcoming inspire me.