Monday, July 24, 2017

Look Up!

How often in the busyness of life do we forget to look up?

Have your days been filled with joy lately, or filled with struggle or pain? Have you been looking up, away from yourself and into the world around you?

I'm asking because I have found it more difficult than usual to look up this past week. I know that a part of it is grief. Losing a friend, even one who you release into the loving arms of Jesus is hard. 

But I think it has been more than just grief. 
I think I have been doing a lot of introspective thinking as well. Thinking about where Arlene's education should be heading this fall, thinking about where I want my writing to go, and wondering what God's plan for it all is. 

Some days being patient is easy. Other days I just want to know the answers now!

Here's the thing I've found: God is still calling me to look up, to look to Him for all of my care and all of my strength. It's not just that I might miss seeing something amazing, like as shooting star or a beautiful bird or intricate architecture, it is that I might miss seeing God in all of the details, large and small of my life.

So here is to tomorrow, a new day, where I know I will find His mercy and grace once again.

If you have been struggling recently, look up, see the wonderful things God is doing all around you. And if you've been living a life filled with overflowing joy... look up and share that joy with those around you! Your grace-filled arms might be just the hug they need to help them look up as well!

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  1. Carol darling--

    You so bless me. What a great encouragement & exhortation. Thank you! I'm praying for God to comfort you in the loss (though really we know it's an address change) of your dear friend. You are loved by so many.