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Once Again Nut and Seed Butters ~ A Moms Meet Review

Shortly after joining the Blog Ambassador program at Moms Meet I received my first review assignment: Once Again Nut  Butters. 

This has proved to be a really tasty review! We received a large, well-packed box filled with four of Once Again's Organic Butters: 
American Classic Creamy No-Stir Peanut Butter
Unsweetened and Salt Free Creamy Cashew Butter
Unsweetened and Salt Free Creamy Roasted Almond Butter
Lightly Sweetened Sunflower Seed Butter

organic nut butters, creamy peanut butter, employee-owned company, Once Again Nut Butters

Once Again Nut Butter was kind enough to include a few extras in our box: a reusable shopping bag made from recycled water bottles, a stuffed "Rocky" the raccoon mascot toy, a coloring book, and four booklets with recipes and coupons. What a pleasant surprise to open this sturdy, albeit heavy, box and find all those extras inside! :)

Arlene and I realized that to do justice to four different types of nut and seed butters during the limited time of this review, we should enlist some additional help. Even though I like nut butter on my celery, it was going to take us a while to really use four full sized jars! Since the rest of our family is often gone to work all day, we planned a lunch date with my friend Danielle and her girls. Arlene (16) decided to give the coloring book to her friend Rachel, who is several years younger. Also attending our tasting party was Danielle's daughter Emily who is nearer Arlene's age. 

We started with lunch, hoping to make the tasting party a slow-food event, instead of rushing it because everyone was really hungry. We put out the three nut butters and the Sunflower seed butter, as well as celery and two different types of crackers, then we let everyone taste to their little hearts' content. Danielle and I talked about how we might use the butters in smoothies or cookie recipes, and I gave her one of the booklets with smoothie recipes. 

organic nut butters, creamy peanut butter, employee-owned company, Once Again Nut Butters

The girls tasted each of the various kinds on crackers, and then went off to talk in the other room. After a few minutes they were back again getting more nut butter and crackers. Arlene's favorite was the Creamy Peanut Butter, Emily said she really liked both the Peanut Butter and the Cashew Butter, and Rachel was torn between the Sunflower Seed Butter and Peanut Butter as her favorite. We talked about the taste, the consistency, and the spreadability of each of the butters. Danielle and I both thought the Cashew Butter was good, but could be improved by the addition of a small amount of salt. That is probably because I, at least, usually have lightly salted cashews to snack on instead of unsalted ones.

Overall Danielle's favorites were the Peanut Butter and the Almond Butter, while my favorite was the Sunflower Seed Butter, with the Peanut Butter being a close second.

Arlene and I continue to eat the butters at home, and sometime I pack a couple Tablespoons of the sunflower seed butter in my lunch to eat with my celery or crackers at work. Arlene loved how well the creamy peanut butter tasted on saltines, which is ironic, but encouraging, from a girl I have trouble getting to eat peanut butter in anything except cookies! We are planning to try the almond butter in our cookies soon. I would also like to try the sunflower seed butter and cashew butter in smoothies. Thanks to the recipe booklets I now have lots of new ideas for my smoothies!

Once Again Nut Butters offers a variety of Natural and Organic Nut and Seed Butters, as well as honey, and bulk roasted nuts. We were excited to be able to review these Organic butters, especially after researching the company and finding out how well their mission lines up with our food philosophy. Once Again Nut butters supports Organic and sustainable farming practices as a part of their mission, and is an employee-owned workplace. For those Moms  (& Dads) looking for a company to trust with the health of their children, this one measures up well!

Overall, the quality of all four of the nut and seed butters was excellent! The jar labels all come with a space to mark the date you opened them, and they recommend refrigeration on all but the peanut butter to keep them fresh and to prevent the oil from the nuts and seeds from separating out. The American Classic Peanut Butter does not separate (unless it gets over 90 degrees in your kitchen) thanks to the addition of a small amount of organic palm fruit oil. It is really SO yummy! All four varieties we received are Gluten Free Certified, Vegan and Kosher. 

If you would like a coupon to use on your own jars of Once Again Nut butters, you can find them on the Once Again website or on the Moms Meet website, under the coupons tabs! On the Once Again website you can also use the retail store locator tool to find their products at a local retailer near you! If you already have a favorite - you can order a whole case from the Once Again website. :)

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I received this product for free from Moms Meet (, May Media Group LLC, who received it directly from the manufacturer. As a Moms Meet blogger, I agree to use this product and post my honest opinion on my blog. The opinions posted are my own.

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