Friday, March 31, 2017

Blogging Through the Alphabet ~ Kenning

This week's letter of the alphabet is K.

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My word is kenning, or ken. 

Kenning is a verb, albeit an old one, that means to recognize or identify. Ken is a noun, it means your range of knowledge or understanding, or the reach of your sight.

How is kenning a blessing along a home education journey? Because it both opens and limits what we do and learn. Kenning can be learning to recognize or identify more or new things - like letters, plants, or birds. It can also be kenning to understand your limitations, and allow that your home and life do not need to look like everyone else's! Kenning your strengths and weaknesses, kenning your children's learning styles, and the ken of your math program.

The ken of my daughters' learning, their range or understanding or the reach of what they have studied can be freeing, by reminding them that they can learn about anything, but they do not need to know everything. 

Only God is Omniscient. Only God knows everything. 

If you read older English or Scottish books you will probably run across the words ken and kenning. In the meantime, remember that this homeschool journey is just that - a journey. Ask God to help you set the ken for this year - the range of your sight for what you hope to cover, and then be comfortable if He changes your plans. Oftentimes the interruptions in our homeschool days are where the most learning takes place!

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