Friday, March 24, 2017


Kate's word for this week's Five Minute Friday is: Embrace

Five minute Friday writing prompts, Embrace, Love without fear


Hold tightly - like a hug
Gather to your heart
Acknowledge an idea
Move towards and grasp

Do any of these phrases form your idea of Embrace?

Often one of our girls will come up and say "Morning hugs" or "Bedtime hugs!" A time to embrace.

Do you embrace your spouse? Do you gather them to your heart and hold them safely there with prayer? Do they matter more to you than any other person in this world?

Have you acknowledged an idea or a plan? I want to embrace the plan God has for my life.

I want to reach out and embrace this life I'm living. I want to move towards the future with determination and joy, I want to reach for the good things, and not be afraid of the painful times.

An embrace requires us to open our hearts, our arms, and often our minds. It opens us up to the possibility of rejection, but we should not fear embracing. God's Word tells us that His perfect love casts out all fear, because fear has to do with punishment. (1 John 4:18) An embrace can be exactly what you need - like when your child says "I need a hug Mommy."

Embrace your family. 

Embrace your spouse - remember they are your lover, not just another adult living in the same house!

Embrace God's plans for you.

Embrace your life. Each day is a gift, start viewing it as such!

May you feel God's warm embrace, and may His peace bring you comfort!


  1. It's so true that "An embrace requires us to open our hearts, our arms, and often our minds." That's so important in our relationship with God and others. It makes a difference to see each day as a gift to embrace. Visiting from FMF #10.

  2. Hi Carol! I'm your neighbour today, and I think this may be my first time here. So nice to meet you!

    Love this: "Embrace your life. Each day is a gift, start viewing it as such!" Thanks so much for the lovely reminder of the many ways we EMBRACE each day. It really is a vital part to living life well, isn't it?

    Have a great weekend!
    Shauna Blaak (your FMF neighbour in #52)

  3. I always embrace my girls when they were growing up whether that meant an actual embrace or embracing our time together. It still seems to have flown by. I continue to embrace them now that they're all grown up and out on their own. This post is a good reminder to do so. :) Visiting from Five Minute Friday.

  4. I like how you've encouraged us to embrace our families... t'is so good. :)