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Working and Homeschooling ~ Blogging Through the Alphabet: Blessings

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Many of you have realized it has been a long time since the last post in our Working and Homeschooling series. Thanks to some encouragement, or perhaps a challenge, from my friend Annette over at A Net in Time, you are about to see it revived, and filled with LOTS of new posts!

Introducing our newest set of posts in the series:

Working and Homeschooling ~ Blogging Through the Alphabet: Blessings

I'm sure you've probably seen some similar group writings before, blogging through the alphabet is not new. The host or hosts let everyone know when they are starting, and if there will be a particular theme, perhaps foods, flowers, favorite destinations, and then every week the participants write a short post about the topic that corresponds with that week's letter.

The co-hosts this time are Annette and Amanda and they've let us choose any family friendly topic as long as it matches the letter of the week. This round begins on Monday, with A, and will go until we are out of letters. Some of us are choosing a theme, others are just writing on whatever topic comes to mind for the letter. Because it has been too long since I wrote in the Working and Homeschooling series, I have decided to challenge myself to find 26 blessings that we have been granted while homeschooling, and working. 

Some posts may be short, others fairly long. I still have a few topics left on my note sheet from the original weeks of the Working and Homeschooling series. My goal is that each week I will be reminded about God's faithfulness to bless us in our efforts to homeschool, even though both Kurt and I work outside of the home. Now that we only have one left in High School,  a lot of this may be retrospection, and yet, I hope it will encourage you wherever you are in your home education journey!

Once each letter is posted on this blog (hopefully on Mondays, but some might be Tuesdays) I will come back to this post and link them. That way if you miss a week, you'll be able to more easily find them! All of us will be linking each week's posts with both Annette's and Amanda's blogs, where you can see everyone that is participating that week.

I hope you'll come back every week and find that the ways God has blessed us can be a blessing to you as well!

Blogging Through the Alphabet: Blessings

B- Bibles























Come join the fun! If you are looking for our posts on Social Media, the whole group will be using: #abcblogging

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  1. I've just started working regularly, so I'll be especially interested in following along to see all the blessings you come up with!