Monday, February 6, 2017

Blogging Through the Alphabet: Daddy Time!

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D is for Daddy Time!

Ever since they were tiny, our girls have loved to spend time with Daddy. Now that they are teens, they still love Dad time, but with a new twist. One amazing blessing we have received while on this home education journey is the ability to work our schedule around Kurt's. We have been blessed to take our family vacations in the slightly-off-peak season. This has given us freedom to visit parks, museums, and even the beach when the weather was still great, but the crowds were less.

One of our favorite times to go on vacation is late August or Early September. The weather is usually terrific, and the museums and parks are usually really empty because the traditional schools have gathered up the children for the year already. This is just one of the reasons we usually wait to start  our school year until the Tuesday after Labor Day.

I distinctly remember one day when Kurt had a day off work when I was teaching Emily how to add up more than two numbers. Kurt came into the room where we were working. He said "let me try." He picked up Emily's  slate and slate pencil and said (as he drew out the problem,) "Emily, if the Steelers score seven point sin the first quarter, kick a field goal in the second quarter, and score another seven points in the third quarter, how many points do they have?" Emily thought for a minute as she added and responded "17!" Kurt said "that's right, school's out for the day, let's go to the park!"

Now Emily has graduated from High School and we don't see her use her slate much anymore. It was her favorite thing to use for math class for so many years...

Today Emily and Kurt head down the driveway and get in the car each weekday morning to go to work together. The picture above is from last week when we had a light overnight snow. How did our little girl grow up so fast? One day at a time. Following in Daddy's footsteps has taught her so much about responsibility. It as taught her how to be a hard worker, and it has given her a new insight into her dad. Riding to and from work together has given them another benefit for their relationship - more time to talk and laugh together. It has been a change for all of us for them both to leave each morning, but a good one.

Dad time is still important to both of our girls. I have been blessed to see the strength of their relationships with Kurt that I know a lot of young women are missing with their own fathers. For too long the Western world said that Moms raise girls and Dads raise sons. It is refreshing to know that thanks to the abundance of Daddy time in their lives, we have raise dour daughters together!

We still do so many things together as a family. It is good for us. Iron sharpens iron, and being close means that when one of us struggles, there are three others there to lift us up, to pray for each other, and to carry on. Some day God will probably bring a young man as a husband for each of the girls. In the meantime, they are not lacking, they rest secure in knowing they are loved, at home, by Daddy and Mama.

For today, let's go to the park!

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  1. Park days are good eh? And dad's....even better

  2. Wow - I loved that post! You captured the homeschool daddy role so very well! Thank You!

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