Monday, October 3, 2016

They Lived For God from

Looking for something different for your High Schoolers, or yourself?
I'm interested in watching the videos from the course They Lived For God on This course is designed for teens on up and focuses on the lives of various missionaries and others who lived sold out lives for Christ. In a world where everyone seems to muddle along, I could use some encouragement to stand fast in my faith and my walk with Christ. How about you?
I think I'll start with the video about George Muller.

Interested in joining me and being challenged? If you're not a member of you can try it out for a month for only $1.
Yes, that's my affiliate link. If you try it out I'll make a few cents, but mostly, you'll get a peek into the vast array of offerings available for all ages. All for only a buck. Not a bad way to spend your dollar eh?!

Want to read more before you click over to Read our past reviews here and here. Sometimes I forget to go check out all the newer courses they offer. I know they recently introduced offerings for preschool, since all I've got left is High Schoolers that isn't high on my radar, but it might be just what you need! 

If you decide to get the annual membership, it is currently $139 for 12 months, which covers your entire family.

Go take a look, I think you'll be glad you did!

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