Friday, October 21, 2016


Today's Five Minute Friday writing prompt is: Park

five minute friday writing prompt, park, family time


"Mama, Can we go to the Park?" This question has hit my ears thousands of time over the past 16 years that one or both of the girls could talk. Seriously, thousands of times! There is hardly anywhere they would rather go, unless it is cold and rainy, then they would rather go to the library.

We go to the park a lot. Which park? Any, several, or our favorites. It doesn't usually matter to them as long as we are outdoors. Kurt is almost always up to a trip to the park too. We go often, but not often enough. I hope to change that. One week this September we were at three parks in the course of two days, actually all in one day, but we got to the last one (our camping destination) late that afternoon.

We prefer our state parks, but also go to local neighborhood parks, and museum gardens/ parks often. Arlene and I are hoping to visit all 30+ state parks between now and when she graduates in 2018. It may be a challenge to fit some of the further-flung ones in, but we are trying nonetheless. 

Walk, climb, photograph, we do it all. Many, many of the pictures I use on the blog are from trips to various parks we visit. 

We love a trip to the park.:)


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  1. that would be neat wouldn't it? If you could make all the state parks. So which states don't have one?

    1. Annette, There are more than 30 State Parks just in Indiana! That will keep us busy for a while. :)

  2. What a fun goal to visit all the state parks!

  3. We also love going to state parks. And that is a great goal to visit all of the state parks in your state.

  4. I love the goal. I have wanted to set that goal for our family, as well, but no one else seems as interested in it. Can I go with you and Arlene? - Lori

    1. Anytime you want to go Lori! Fell free to come up! :)