Saturday, October 29, 2016

Home Sweet Life ~ Week in Review

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How was your week? This week included a big change for our family as Emily started her new job. Arlene and I continued with her Worldviews in Conflict book, as well as her Biology book and Chemistry DVDs. Have you thought recently about how fortunate we are to live where we can choose how our children are educated? Whether you choose public, private or homeschooling, YOU, as the parent, get to choose! That is a freedom we should never take for granted!

Monday was a get it all done type of day, while Tuesday was unusual in that we had some windows replaced. I'll admit we took most of the day off of formal learning. We didn't take a scheduled Fall Break so we had some days of wiggle room in our schedule.

Wednesday was the girls' last day of volunteering at our local Living History Museum. They were both thankful that the rain held off until after they were done for the day. Thursday was another get it all done day. Days like that include schoolwork, housework, and usually even more. 

Does your life ever get like that, where it goes in spurts and some days are really relaxing and others just seem crazy busy? Ours does that sometimes. One of the best parts of spending time together as a family is being able to find the small joys in the every day happenings. When I've stopped this past week to think about how blessed we have been by God, it astounds me how great His blessings are. Our girls have both made great friends both at their volunteer jobs and in the local community through our church and our 4-H club. I could not have chosen better friends for them if I tried.

There are still a few more reviews upcoming from the  Homeschool Review Crew. Right now we are reviewing two items from Chara Games, as well as continuing the review of the Chemistry 101 DVDs. Those will post her on the blog in Mid-November.

If any of you are thinking about applying for the Homeschool Review Crew, remember that the application is open until Monday October 31st.

What have I been doing this week outside of homeschooling? I've continued with my Scripture Writing and I started reading a new book about prayer that my friend Linda gave me. I picked up a couple of books to read at the library. Today the girls and I took an afternoon field trip to the Indiana Historical Society's Museum, then we did a little sight seeing in downtown Indianapolis.

Hopefully next week I'll have time to photograph and write up a tutorial for those of you who have asked to learn more about how to do Scripture Writing for yourselves.

What comes next? Only God knows, but we're trusting Him to lead us through next week and beyond.  :)

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