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Teen Prasso - A Crew Review

For the past several weeks Arlene and I have been reviewing the Teen Prasso Teacher’s Manual and Homework Manual from Prasso Ministries. Prasso is a Greek word that means to continually, repeatedly, and habitually practice. That makes Prasso an ideal name to use for this Bible Study. Teen Prasso is designed for use in a group setting, but could be adapted for use at home as well. If you are doing this at home, we would suggest you have at least two teens participating, but three or more would be even better.

Arlene and I adapted the group lessons some and took turns reading the parts as there were just the two of us. Our discussions were shorter than what was suggested, but part of that is that we have discussions about the Bible and our culture all week long.

Teen Bible curriculum

The Teen Prasso teacher’s Manual and Homework Manual are designed to be used over 13 consecutive weeks, having an introduction week and 12 lessons. The goal of the study is to give teens, who are often overwhelmed by the culture we live in, time to slow down, study God’s Word, and reflect on how it impacts their lives. These softcover spiral bound books are filled with lots of quality information, and the Teen's Journal (Homework Manual) includes some funny illustrations.

At first I was skeptical about how in depth a group Bible Study for teens would be simply because I have found many of them either lacking depth, designed only for students who do not have a good home life, or both. I was won over by Teen Prasso as its multifaceted approach draws the teen in, and then has them truly studying God’s Word from the first week.

In the group setting, the Leader, using the Teacher’s Manual, leads the teens by 1- reading sections of the story of two brothers, Brandon and Derek, as they attempt a backpacking trip into the Rocky Mountains to climb Long’s Peak, 2- reading Scripture passages that relate to choices, and 3- leading the group discussion.

The Homework Manual has six sections for each week. I was impressed by this journal for the teens because it asks then to dig into their Bibles, copy Scripture, and answer tough questions. Week one is about: God, Your Heavenly Father. It uses Scripture passages that are straight-forward, making this study applicable for students who are new to church, and those who have grown up in a household of faith. There are five days of study, then on the sixth day the teen has a Rethink lesson where they go over the five lessons and write out the parts that were most meaningful to them. Also in day six, they think about and answer questions for the group discussion. 

In week 2: God’s Love, the Gospel is clearly presented, and the teen is challenged to be honest and open with God. Repentance is explained and encouraged, and the teens are reminded that any sin is still a sin. The other ten lessons cover Pressure, Anger, Forgiveness, and a host of other topics. The story of Brandon and Derek introduces the topic each week, the group Scripture readings give God’s perspective on them, and then the teens study about the topic all week at home.

Note to parents: this is for teens, not younger children. I really think the Scriptures covered, and the way the story of Brandon and Derek unfolds, should be reserved for those 13 and up. If you have a younger group, this is not the Bible study for you. I personally would not recommend it for teens under 15 as the at-home sections really challenge the teen to think about the messed-up culture around them and how they need to choose to be different. These are young adult topics, and should be discussed at home as well as in the group setting.

Teen Bible Curriculum

This is definitely a study where you need both the group setting and the individual homework manual to get the fullest experience. I understand that some teens will have a difficult time sharing in the group setting, yet just being there and hearing the lessons, and what others share should enrich their lives. 

From Arlene (age 15)
I liked how Teen Prasso had you copy verses into the student workbook, that gives you time to think about the verse before you answer questions about it. At the end of each chapter there is a Rethink section where you write the part that was most important to you about each day. Then there is a set of questions to get you ready for the next group discussion. I found that the amount of space for answering each question is small, so I had to write really small. It would be better to have more lines for each question. The story is divided into three parts for each group lesson, with the discussion in the middle parts, so you don’t have to remember everything until the end of the lesson to talk about it. 

If you’re looking for a Bible study for your youth group, teen Sunday school class, or just for your teenagers and their friends, check out Teen Prasso!

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