Thursday, July 9, 2015

Artistic Inspiration

Where does your artistic inspiration come from? Do you troll Pinterest looking for ideas or visit the local art museum? Do you have a shelf full of reproductions of the masters, or do you watch a Netflix documentary? 

Artistic inspiration can come from almost anywhere. Mine usually comes from nature. I love to go outside and view the beauty God has created. I take a lot of pictures, and often they become the basis for what I create. I prefer to create art outside, right where I get inspired, but life often gets in the way and limits my time. That’s where a photo comes in handy. It allows me to go back and finish my project, whether its a painting, drawing, or something three dimensional at a later time. It also helps capture the lighting of the moment. If I’m drawing or using pastels, by the time I finish the lighting has often changed, so the photo preserves the moment I wish to capture. 

Artistic Inspiration, art from nature

Photography itself can be your art form. I enjoy taking my own pictures to use here on our blog. Both Emily and Arlene take pictures to exhibit for 4-H. Arlene is rarely without her camera. A point and shoot camera can take wonderful pictures if you’re taking the time to compose them, and willing to take a lot of pictures. It need not take much money, and digital photography, while not as good as film, has the added bonus of only printing the photos you love.

Wherever your artistic inspiration comes from, I encourage you to go visit there soon. Find the comfort and relaxation that comes from creating and enjoying art!

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