Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Come Meet Carol

Welcome to all you new readers, and welcome back to all our great regulars! Today I wanted to tell you know a little more about myself, and a little background about how I got into blogging.

The picture above is from a dinner our family attended in Pittsburgh, PA back in 2010. I know, I should have a more recent picture for you, but truthfully, I really like this one! Most of the time I am the one behind the camera, so there aren't many pictures to choose from. :)

I've been married to my crazy, yet wonderful, husband Kurt for 21 years. I am truly blessed. We have two lovely daughters, Emily and Arlene - teenagers who are both educated at home. Besides blogging, and homeschooling, I am a 4-H leader, and have spent several years as a 4-H Shooting Sports instructor. I also volunteer at Conner Prairie, a living history museum near our home. Oh yeah, I also work outside of the home part-time. Never a dull moment in this life of ours!

My other interests include gardening, sewing, baking, reading, and art of various forms. Photography has been one of my main artistic pursuits in recent years because it is easy to fit in around the rest of our lives.

We live in Indiana, but love to travel around the United States. One of our favorite destinations is Pittsburgh. Its like our home away from home. Kurt loves football, and we're big fans of the Steelers.

As far as our girls' education, we follow a mostly Charlotte Mason philosophy, even in High School, with a LOT of field trips thrown in. I've decided to call it Eclectic Experiential Education.

My friend Sharra convinced me to start blogging in late 2011. She has such a great heart! Sharra kept telling me I should blog and be an encouragement to others like I had encouraged her. I hope you'll find encouragement here on our blog. We try our best to stay family focused, which includes everyday life, curriculum and other reviews, field trip or vacation ideas, and just general thought on being a parent. Emily and Arlene sometimes write posts too.

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Come back tomorrow and see what is next in this July blogging challenge! I'm sure we'll all be surprised at what ends up happening! Have a wonderful day!

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