Thursday, September 18, 2014

Thankful Thursdays 9/18/14 - Tomatoes and green beans

This week the thankful focuses on garden fresh veggies, specifically the two we seem to do the best with - tomatoes and green beans. One of the many reasons we're thankful, both keep producing all summer long. At this rate, we may have tomatoes and green beans through the end of September. 
If the weather turns colder, we'll pick the rest of the tomatoes and bring them inside to ripen. Yet, I hope Fall lingers, because no tomato tastes as good as one freshly picked off the vine, still warm from the sunshine! Green beans give me all kinds of ideas for dinner. But the simplest is just freshly cooked (or steamed) green beans as a side dish.

Hope you've had a chance to be thankful for some home-grown-fresh veggies this week. If your garden is done for the year, stop by your local Farmer's Market. The ones around us last through the end of September.

Have a great weekend being thankful for fresh tomatoes and green beans!

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