Thursday, September 11, 2014

Thankful Thursdays - 9/11/14 - Potatoes

Today we are thankful for potatoes. New, fresh, potatoes we grew ourselves.

There were not a lot of potatoes when we harvested them last week, but it was a great learning experience, and has left us planning again for next year.

I had seen the 'potato box' idea online, and tried to follow it...but of course life got crazy along the way, so we didn't follow all the directions to the letter. Our original plan was to use the box for potatoes this year, and make it a planter for something else next season. I'll need to do some crop rotation planning this winter so I can reuse all that lovely dirt.

I think we'll make another potato box for next year, or maybe two. What we did learn, we want to plant more potatoes for next year, and put the box closer to the spigot for the days when we need to water them. I think we would have had more large potatoes if we had watered them more often.

Considering we planted 4 left-over organic potatoes that had sprouted in the fridge, we didn't do too badly. In the end, we're thankful for all we learned, and our yummy potatoes. We had some already this week with a roast - yum!

What vegetable are you most thankful for this week? Leave a comment, maybe I'll get some ideas for next time!

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