Friday, May 31, 2013

Thankful Thursdays- 5/30/13 - Strawberries!!!

We are thankful for STRAWBERRIES! 

About 2 of the 17# of berries

This week we are especially thankful for local, untreated strawberries that are ripe and ready for picking! Our friends the Conrad's have a farm just a few miles from our house. Out front, across from the farmhouse is a huge strawberry patch. They sent out an e-mail last week alerting everyone that the strawberries were ready for picking. They have U-pick or prepicked, both at really good prices.

So Wednesday afternoon, the girls and I went picking. In less than half an hour, we had 3 pails full. It worked out to about 17 pounds.What do you do with that many strawberries? You eat them!!!

Topped and ready for the freezer!

After a nice visit with our friends ( a perk of knowing the farmer) we came home and got to work cleaning and topping the strawberries. All three of us girls worked on the strawberries, and in about an hour, they were all washed, topped, and either in the fridge or freezer.
We ended up with about 44 cups of strawberries...after we ate some while cleaning them.

If you have an opportunity to U-pick some strawberries - go for it! If you live near us, give me a ring & I'll give you directions to the Conrad's!

We are thankful for strawberries: the ripe ones we've been eating, the ones I chopped up for cereal and pancake toppings because they got squished in the washing process, and the 3 large containers of strawberries in the freezer for smoothies later this summer. At first it seems like a lot of berries, but at our house, they'll go quickly!

Chopping the slightly mushed ones
Next week we plan to go again. To pick more strawberries to eat...maybe we'll stick to just one bucket next time...but probably not!

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