Thursday, May 23, 2013

Thankful Thursdays- 5/23/13 - Birthdays

Both of our daughters have birthdays this week, so I'd like to take just a minute to tell you a little bit about why I am thankful for Birthdays. Birthdays remind us of a particular person, they allow us an opportunity to celebrate and remember all that person has meant in our lives.

Even babies who did not live until full term have birthdays. I know this is a sensitive topic for many people, but I want to encourage those of you who have lost a child, either before or after their due date, God knows your precious child's birthday. He know you remember it too. Sometimes your remembrances will bring tears. Let God use those tears to heal your heart.

If you had/have a family where nothing special is done for your birthday, fret not. Know that God remembers your Birthday. He sees you living each day, your joys and your struggles. He wants a personal relationship with you! God rejoices not only on your birthday, but on every day that you turn to Him for help, on every day that your praise HIm.

I am thankful for the birthdays of each of our children. I am thankful that birthdays allow us to think back over all we have been through in the past year, both good and challenging times. I am thankful for the healthy births of each of our daughters, and that they continue to grow, change, and mature each year.

(It IS a little unnerving to realize our baby will be 13!)

The next time a birthday rolls around in your family, celebrate! It's not about the amount of presents, or cake, it's about having an opportunity to celebrate the life of that one special person. Tell them how much they mean to you, and how very thankful you are that they are in your life!

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