Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thankful Thursdays- Friends- 11/29/12

Not enough words exist in the English language for me to express how extremely thankful I am for my friends. I have a few really close friends, a lot of good friends, and a whole host of Christian and/or home educating friends who continually bless me and our family.

I hope you know who you are, and how much you mean to us! I have friends that just let me be me. THAT is a lot to ask, because, well, I'm rather quirky, opinionated, and like to sing Christmas songs all year long. But, they love me anyway.

I have friends who love to cook, friends who love to garden, friends who love to talk, friends who let me drop off my kids with them...there are friends who ask me how I'm doing, and really want to know the answer, I have friends who inspire me, and others who I get to inspire, I have friends who pray for me- and that is the best kind of friend in the world!

So whichever of my friends you are- know that I am thankful for YOU! I pray for you, and I love spending time with you. Thank you for being my friend!

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