Thursday, May 4, 2017


The letter for this week is: P

While I was originally going to talk about the blessings of having supportive parents while you are homeschooling, I felt a burden to share this post about potatoes instead. There have been so many times we have been blessed by our parents while on this journey, so if you have supportive parents - thank them! 

Now, about potatoes...

See these little girls?

In just a few weeks they will turn 19 & 17. This picture is from a very long time ago, I think it was from when we celebrated their 6th & 4th Birthdays. How does this relate to potatoes? Just keep reading ok?

When our children are young and we are just starting our home education journey, it is like planting a seed. We spend time getting the ground ready, we plan how to care for them, and we pray a lot. A lot! Some of you may have seen the 2006 movie Faith Like Potatoes. In it, the main character has to learn to trust God for the results that he cannot see on the outside. He decides to grow potatoes, and the more he learns about the process, the more he learns that it takes a lot of faith, because if you dig up the potatoes too early, you could ruin them. That is why this week's post is about potatoes. 

See, those little girls in the picture were just beginning to homeschool, like planting seed potatoes. Now one has graduated and the other is a high school Junior. We are part of the way through the harvest, and God has done an amazing thing!

For all of you out there just starting your potatoes (your children's education,) or those of you who are partway through who are wondering if the effort is worth it... look to the harvest, and trust God for the results!

I've only grown actual potatoes once. we planted small potatoes and got...several more small potatoes. The whole time they were growing I was wondering, is it really this simple? Should I be doing more? How can I help them grow? In the end, the bigger potatoes were not on the bushiest plant like I had expected, but there were potatoes. I had to trust.

Homeschooling is like that. I've had to learn to trust God for the results. I've often wondered those same things: should I do more, can it be this simple, and how can I help them? Sometimes God gives us an answer to those questions, and sometime sHe just whispers: Trust Me.

Your little potatoes need your love. They need a Mommy and a Daddy who read to them, who take them outside, and who play with them. Your potatoes might grow up liking trucks, or sewing, they might like art or sports. Along the way, you'll get some math and English in there too, but mostly, you'll learn as a family how to trust God for the harvest.

See you again next week for Q.

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