Friday, January 6, 2017


Happy New Year! Time to get back into the swing of joining in with the Five Minute Friday writing prompts from Kate. This week's word is: connect


connect, five minute friday writing prompt, community, fellowship

Connect ~ connect the dots, connect with a new business associate, or connect in a community. What comes to mind when you think of the word connect?

To me it brings the thought of Legos, and how each piece has several ways that it can connect to other Lego bricks. We are like that in the Body of Christ. There are many ways that God connects us all together, many ways He uses the gifts He imparts upon us through the Holy Spirit to build up the body. 

Connecting to other people is what builds community. Back near the end of 2016 the word of the week was crave. I thought about the four things we all seem to be crazing: forgiveness, fellowship, honesty, and community. 

When we connect to others through fellowship, we become a part of a larger community. Maybe your community is small, I think that's ok, as long as you are being honest and open with your friends. The friends we have in the community of believers are there to encourage us, challenge us to a deeper walk with God, and to pray for us. Are you connecting to others? Are you giving that encouragement to others, are you praying for your friends? 

Connection is a two-way street. You both give, and the bond becomes stronger. Find some way this week to connect with others, and be stronger and more grounded because of it!



  1. Oh yes... Connection IS a two way street... it's so important and we are wired for it! Great post!

  2. oh.. I like that. Your use of legos was well done. :)

  3. I think we all crave connection. Especially as I grow older, I want to know that I have a tribe around me who can offer encouragement and wisdom when I falter. And yes, it is a two way street. I have to be very intentional about connecting. Visiting you from the FMF where I'm #8 this week.