Monday, January 30, 2017

Blogging Through the Alphabet: Community

Welcome back to week three of Blogging Through the Alphabet! Today is letter C and it reminds me of one of the biggest blessings we have had along this working and homeschooling journey: community! 

While we live in an area rich with a large homeschool community, I want to focus specifically on the community of the Body of Christ. Over the years we have been blessed by friends from both our own church and the community of Christ at large, those who homeschool, and those who do not.

The Body of Christ should be a community where sick people come to find healing, where the Body lives and works alongside them as Christ does the healing. This community should be a place where people feel safe to share their lives, and where Christ is glorified. If your community does not look like this, then it is time to ask God what needs to change to make the Body more like Him! Thankfully, as Christians we understand grace and mercy, and are called upon to extend it to others. Love covers a multitude of sins (1 Peter 4:8), and Christ's sacrifice was for all who will believe in Him, not just the hip or trendy, not just the young or the retired - for all who will come to Him!

So how has the Community of the Body of Christ blessed us over the years? In ways beyond measure, but I just want to share a few examples, in hopes that they may inspire you the next time you feel God giving you a nudge to go bless someone!

We have been blessed by:

Receiving meals after a car accident, and again after an illness

Being given two big bags full of groceries when the girls were little and the cupboards were bare

Being given hand me down clothes - for years and years of blessings!

Having friends watch our girls when we needed to attend to family matters with my Father's death

Receiving the gift of books for homeschooling after another family was finished with them

Having the girls spend the night with friends when we wanted or needed a night away

Sharing each others' burdens through prayer

Receiving cards of encouragement

Having a friend offer to teach Literature class to a group so I could have a break 

Being invited over for dinner and fellowship

Our girls spending time in fellowship and fun at park night or game night with their friends

Singing songs of praise with friends around a campfire 

Watching other homeschoolers graduate, and then having them come to our own daughter's graduation

Seeing friends' children perform in concerts and plays

Fellowship, fellowship, and more fellowship!

The Body of Christ - our Community - has fed us, loved us, loved upon our children, held our hands during hard times, rejoiced with us during good times, and challenged us to trust God more.  They have been the hands, feet, and loving arms of Christ!

Community is something we all crave, and something we all need. If you're struggling, you might be missing out on the benefits, and the blessings, of belonging to a community! Ask God to show you your community of Believers.

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  1. So blessed eh my part of a larger community aren't we,?

  2. Great! I love our church family. They have been so great to us. They are our community.

  3. So many blessings to celebrate! You have a wonderful, supportive community. I am trying to be more alert to opportunities to serve others as well.

  4. I have been blessed with a wonderful homeschool community, church community, and track and field community. These friendships have provided both opportunities for us to be blessed and also for us to bless others. Community is so important.

  5. Your post reminded me that I do have a supportive community around me. Thank You!

  6. I have just recently found a community like this. It makes me feel at home! I love communities like this! They make the hard easier to get through!