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Home Sweet Life - Week in Review - Christmas 2016

Homeschooling, Field Trips, Indiana Statehouse

This week I was not planning on doing any schoolwork with Arlene, but it ended up happening anyway. Funny how that is when you educate at home... or with field trips!

Wednesday found us working on textiles. The girls had asked their spinning mentor to help then skirt a fleece they had been given, and to help them get started on washing it so they can eventually spin the wool. It's a rather lengthy process, but they spent several hours on it, and are well on their way to making some fabulous yarn. I've been taking pictures, so I'll be sure to post more about the whole process later (probably January.)

On Thursday Arlene and I decided we wanted to go swimming. Off we went with our gym bag, some snacks, and a little cash. It turned into a whole-day-long-adventure!

After we got done at the gym, Arlene asked if I could drive her so she could see the cherub that sits on top of the clock outside the old L.S. Ayers building in downtown Indianapolis. Since we were already at the gym that has the indoor pool, and it would only be about 10 more miles, I figured why not, it's always fun to see the decorations at Christmas time!  The cherub only sits atop the clock from Thanksgiving until Christmas. There was a big fundraising effort this past Fall by the State Historical Society and several local radio personalities to raise the funds to repair the clock, and fix the works so it would once again tell time. 

Well,  since we were downtown anyway, and the parking garage is the same price for anywhere form 15 minutes up to 3 hours, we decided to take a look at the downtown decorations and enjoy the sunshine and slightly above freezing temperatures!

The Soldiers and Sailors Monument always gets decorated with lights, it's affectionately known as the World's Largest Christmas Tree. Since we were on the Circle, and there just happens to be a South Bend Chocolate Company Cafe we decided to pop in and get a treat to eat on our walk.

We decided on chocolate covered blueberries and began munching as we walked around the circle to see the monument. Sorry, I forgot to take a picture of them until were almost out!  They were delicious!

Homeschooling, Field Trips, Indiana Statehouse

While we were walking around the circle, Arlene stopped to take a picture down the street towards our State Capitol Building. Then we decided to go see if it was open. Lucky us, it was, and since the Legislature was not in session, we had a nice quiet self-guided tour.

The State house is huge, with three massive floors, and a beautiful stained glass rotunda. We agreed that the design in the rotunda reminded us of octopi -LOL!

Homeschooling, Field Trips, Indiana Statehouse

The Indiana State house underwent a massive renovation in the 1980's and the stencil detail is fantastic. The lights were on in the Senate Chamber, and looking through the glass we got a really good view.  Look at the cool, custom carpet! Indiana was the 19th state to join the union, and out State Flag has 19 stars. The carpet also has a pattern with 19 stars!

Homeschooling, Field Trips, Indiana Statehouse

As we walked around the Statehouse and talked about the various chambers, what the House and Senate do, what a Ways and Means Committee is, and why we have judges, I realized we were doing a lot of what usually looks like "education" at home, but with better visuals! 

Arlene wanted to take a picture of the Lieutenant Governor's office. Our Lieutenant Governor is now our Governor-elect, as he won the Governor's race when our current Governor, Mike Pence, stepped into the role of Trump's running mate in the Presidential election. For any of you not familiar with Mike Pence by now, we think he has done a pretty good job here in Indiana, and we think he will be a good, solid, level-headed figure as VP.

Today, we did just a little bit of work around the house, and had my Mom over to go see Arlene's quilt at the show at our local Historical Society.

Have a Very Merry Christmas! 

Jesus is the Reason for this CHRISTmas Season!

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