Friday, December 16, 2016


Today's Five Minute Friday writing prompt is: Now

Five minute Friday writing prompts, Now, living in Christ


Now is where we live. We should not live in the past, and we cannot yet live in the future. If we are living in the now, then how are we living? Are we taking time for fellowship? Are we making time to spend with our families? Does the light of Christ shine through our lives?

If we are struggling with living in the here and now, then we are not focused on Christ. Trusting Christ to hold our tomorrows and thanking Him for the gifts and challenges of our past allows us to focus on His will for THIS day. 


Today is the day of salvation for someone.  Do not harden your heart, but rather, take the opportunity of today to ask God to show you His mercy, His glory, His love and forgiveness.

Now is the time to celebrate being alive! Yes, you may still have to go to work, clean up the kitchen, or walk the dog in the snow. You can do all of those things with a joy that comes from Christ. A joy that shines through to others who do not yet know Him. 

Are you thankful for the gift of today? Are you thankful for now?

Can you let go of your anxieties and dreams for the future for just a moment and thank God for today? 

Learning to walk by faith and not by sight can be a real challenge when we have been walking by sight for our whole lives. Ask God, who gives generously to all men, for wisdom about how to walk by faith now.


Wishing you a Merry Christmas filled with joy!



  1. As a girl who has felt so afraid, lately, of a future written by a good God, thank you for this reminder to walk by faith. Now He is so good!

  2. I love your comment that focussing on Christ helps us to enjoy "now" as we trust him to take care of our past and future. Great insight! Visiting from FMF #39.

  3. Ask now...not later. Hard sometimes.