Saturday, June 4, 2016

National Donut Day

Did you notice that yesterday was National Donut Day?

Is that a REAL holiday? 
To some people, yes. 
To others, no.

We do not consider National Donut Day a real holiday in our home . . . well, Kurt might disagree with me on that one -LOL! What we sometimes do with things like the various food days is this: celebrate them anyway!

Did we have pizza on National Pizza Party day? Yes. Was it a last minute decision funded mostly by a teenager - yup.

Did we have donuts yesterday? Actually, we did. We rarely go out to eat unless we are traveling, and we try to eat healthy 95% of the time. But people - it was DONUT DAY! 

I did NOT tell the girls that we would be having donuts. At least one of them did ask me in the morning before I went to work if I could buy some at my store before I came home. My response was along the lines of "probably not." After all, if you're going to celebrate donuts, do it right ~ go to the donut shop!

After I got home from work, we had an errand to run and the girls had asked to go to the library. (The Summer Reading program started two days ago, so of course they think we're getting a late start -HA!) After the library I went by the ATM to get some cash for tomorrow morning's Goodwill shopping trip. (Anyone else love half-off day at Goodwill ?!)

And then, the BIG surprise! I drove home a different way than usual and that just happened to land us in the parking lot of the best local place to get donuts. Deluxe Donuts. I can't remember if the girls have ever been to a real donut shop. Franchises do not count in my book as real donut shops. You need a Mom & Pop store to get the best flavor.

Each of us chose a donut. We also picked up a couple for Kurt. If he didn't want them, I was sure Arlene and I could humor him and eat them for him. L-O-L!!! Then we took our donuts home and ate them while dinner was cooking. Dessert first? It was DONUT DAY! Sometimes you need to change things up a bit. 

There will be another national food day (or seven) next week. We probably won't celebrate those. But we will remember having a little extra fun on Donut Day. For you locals - I had the Blueberry cream filled donut ~ It was absolutely delicious!


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