Thursday, June 30, 2016

Go Live Your Own Life!

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What are you chasing?

Who are you modeling yourself after?

Do you have a favorite person you follow on Social Media?

Have you truthfully asked yourself any of these questions recently? 

Is it time for a little soul searching and course adjustment?

When did we cease to be happy as individuals?

Why does everyone think their answer is also the best answer for everyone else's life?

Why are we as Americans, dare I say we as Christians, so obsessed with what other people think about us?!?

These are just a few of the things I've been thinking about recently. I've been ruminating on them as God has been reminding me once again that my identity is in Him, not in the clothes I wear, where I live, or the car I drive.

I've come to this conclusion:

Go Live Your Own Life!

We have got to stop comparing, grading, and sorting,... both ourselves and other people. We need to find our own identity in Christ, and our personality from within ourselves.

I have loved most of these past 18 years of motherhood. (There were a few days in there-yowsers!) I've learned a lot about dying to self, about service to the helpless, and about God supplying all my needs.

There is one thing I've been struggling with lately though... What happened to me? Where has my personality gone to hide?

Our girls are growing up fast and will probably move out in just a few years. What will I do then? Who will I be? Right now I have no idea. I am sure that God's plan for my life continues, but He hasn't let me in on that part yet. I'm OK with that.

In the meantime, how do I find my personality (the me) I lost along the way?

Do I want to spend my precious free moments like I did before Kurt and I had children? Yes, ... and no. Do I want to go back to that same personality after 18 years of the refining fire of motherhood? Probably not, and yet, I still have some of those same passions. I like to do some of the same activities.

As I stretch myself again to try out those activities that I think will interest me as an older, hopefully slightly more mature woman, I am sure that my life will continue to change. The one thing I'm most thankful for is that God will still be right there beside me - leading me - loving me - and meeting all my needs in Christ! God does not change.

So go ahead and Go Live Our Own Life! I'll be living mine!

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