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Math-U-See Digital Packs ~ Geometry ~ A Crew Review

homeschool math, streaming video

Fans of Demme Learning's Math-U-See may have noticed something new: Digital Packs for all levels  from Primer through Pre-Calculus. Arlene, Emily, and I have been reviewing the Geometry Digital Pack for the Schoolhouse Review Crew. Since we had already purchased the Geometry course for the girls to both use this school year, we were interested in trying out this new option.

Both Emily and Arlene are working on Geometry this year, so we had purchased the Instruction set and two student packs. My concern with this set up was that they're not at the same place, they work at different speeds. We found the Digital pack helpful for this situation. One girl watched their lessons via the Digital Pack on the iPad, and the other could watch their videos from the DVD that came with their original instruction set. 

homeschool math, streaming video

Getting Arlene set up with the Digital pack was fairly simple. You can view it on your computer or tablet. (You could also view it on your phone, but that would be a pretty small screen for math problems!) We also found a couple bonus features from the Digital Pack: downloadable MUS (Math-U-See) resources. I printed off Log Sheets for each girl (for recording their grades.)  I can also view the lesson solutions and unit test solutions online, which saves me from having to go hunt for where I left the Teacher's Manual yesterday! Please tell me I'm no the only Mom who feels this way. :)

[With the younger levels, they have made digital manipulatives ~ you can click the Crew banner at the bottom of this page to learn more about those.]

The digital pack is a year-long access to the streaming instruction videos, Instruction Manual PDF's, and those Test solutions. This is NOT a downloadable resource, as it specifically states, but an online streaming resource. (See the notice in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen shot below.) You will want to think about when your student will actually begin the Geometry book, and not begin your access until then so you have plenty of time for them to complete the course during the 12-month access. The Digital Pack does not include the Student Workbook, or the actual tests, so you'll still need a Student Pack for each teen in your family who is using the course.

homeschool math, streaming video

If your student is a slow math learner, and you anticipate it taking them more than one year to finish Geometry, you might want to consider sticking with the original Instruction Pack, so they have the DVD to use for the videos. The Digital Pack option might also be a struggle for those with slow or limited internet connections.

However, I can foresee the Digital Pack being a tremendous option for many families. If your student is used to doing their lessons online, and works well as an independent learner, this could be an awesome choice. Grab your laptop or tablet, plug in your headphones, and block out the background noise of younger siblings working on their read-alouds or other lessons. For families that live overseas, not needing to ship the Instruction pack could save a lot of money, first, as they are less expensive than the original Instruction Pack, and second, savings on shipping costs.

We are in a unique setting in that our daughters who are two years apart are both working on Geometry in the same year. If you already have the Individual elements of the MUS Geometry set, you can purchase the Digital Pack for $38. However, if you've been waiting to purchase the Geometry level, you'll really like the new Universal Set which includes everything in the Instruction Set, Student Pack, AND the Digital Pack for only $92. (That's like getting the Digital Pack for free!)

Math-U-See is one of those products that has worked so well for Arlene that we plan on continuing to use their products for the rest of her High School level math classes. We are glad to see this addition to their wonderful, student-focused math programs.

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