Friday, March 25, 2016

In the grave

As we think today about Christ's crucifixion, let us not forget what happened three days later - His resurrection! 

Christ's disciples did not fully understand God's plan. They were afraid, and they scattered. The Gospels only mention John as being at the crucifixion. 

At times, we are like the disciples, we don't understand God's plan, and we often fear the outcome. Take heart! Christ overcame the world, He overcame death, and He offers to us eternal life.

The cross used to be a symbol of shame, it was how the Romans killed the vilest of offenders, how they warned others not to commit the same acts.

Since Christ arose, the cross has become a symbol of hope! 
It reminds us that Christ died for our sins, He took our place. 
The hope of Easter is in His resurrection, and our redemption.

Sunday is coming!

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