Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Flight School: One Summer, Many Choices by Jason McIntire ~ A Review

Elisha Press is releasing their newest title today: Flight School: one summer, many choices by Jason McIntire. Flight School is the sequel to The Sparrow Found A House. When I was asked if I would review Flight School I immediately responded "Yes!"

I have enjoyed each book I've read from Elisha Press, not only because they are good reads, but because the characters are real to life. Elisha Press's tagline is "the truth in fiction." It is especially apropos for Flight School. You will not only read about the outward conversations of the family with their friends, you will get a look inside the heads of Chris and Jessie, brother and sister teens who are trying to find out how to live out their Christian faith in the midst of everyday challenges and opportunities.

I have chuckled to myself several times while reading because the characters are so brutally honest with themselves (at least in their heads,) and I can imagine some similar comments being made by one of our daughters or their friends. The church that the characters attend is small yet vibrant. It reminds me of our church, where people are more interested in how you are doing in your walk with Christ than what time the clock says.

Chris is trying to spread his wings into the world of Christian filmmaking, yet finds himself stumbling over and over again. His biggest challenge this summer is learning about true motivation, and humility. Jesse is growing into a young lady and is feeling the pulling that growing up entails. How will she know when she has met the right young man? Does it matter at her age? How can she encourage her sister and friends in their own walks with Christ? Katie and Moe, along with the rest of the family from The Sparrow Found A House return, as well as new neighbors. You can enjoy Flight School even if you haven't read The Sparrow Found A House, but I encourage you to pop on over and download a free copy of Sparrow to read first. With a blended family as the main feature, many portions of Flight School are simply easier to understand if you're read the first book already.

Jason McIntire, the author of both books, is a homeschool graduate who writes as his hobby. Flight School is suitable for ages 12 to adult, but I'd probably recommend it as a read-together for those under 15. Some of the topics may seem a little foreign to those under 15, but the caliber of the presentation in this book would make a good introduction to things like courting/ dating, personal responsibility and time management, and family responsibilities.

The book is wholesome,  an intriguing story, and it steers clear of violence and overdone romance. The characters are challenged to dig deep to find their motivation for their actions, and the parents repeatedly steer them back to the Scriptures for guidance. I still have a few chapters to go to finish the book, it is longer than I expected (yea!) Then I plan to have our teenaged daughters read it.

Once again, Elisha Press is helping get their newest release into the hands of their readers pronto! They're hosting a giveaway where you could win one of four autographed soft-cover copies of Flight School.

Disclaimer: I received a PDF advance copy of the book Flight School: one summer, many choices to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received.

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