Thursday, September 10, 2015

Five Ways to Refresh a Homeschool Mom

Refreshment, Moms

Recently we took a little family trip.
It was, for the most part, lovely.

Since then I've been thinking. 

Other Homeschooling Moms need refreshment too. Sometimes you simply can't get away for a few days. You have to choose another option. I'm sharing some of the things my family did for me on that recent trip. 

You could do one thing, or all five, the Mom in your life will be so thankful you did!

Here are five simple ways to refresh the homeschooling Mom in your life:

1. Take a trip through the countryside.
Just get away for a while, even if it is only an hour. Go away from the hustle and bustle of life and listen for the birdsong.

2. Let someone else drive.
Seriously! Homeschooling Moms feel like taxicab drivers some days...yet no one tips them! Dad, its time for you to let your wife just sit back and enjoy the view.

3. Buy her cheese that she doesn't have to share.
She might share, and she might not, but knowing that she doesn't have to gives her the time to enjoy her cheese, and maybe read a magazine.

4. Buy her chocolate!
Simple and yet so true.

5. Let her sleep in!
Really sleep in, like until she wakes up and starts talking on her own... not just until you get tired of waiting on her for breakfast! Let her sleep late like she did before the kids came along. Sleep, blissful sleep!

Do you have other suggestions on how to refresh a tired Mom? Leave them in the comments!


  1. I so totally agree on buying her chocolate and letting her sleep in! I love my boys, but the 24/7 thing can get old real fast if I don't have time to recharge my batteries.

  2. Yes!!! Oh if I could have cheese AND chocolate that I wasn't expected to share, I could be truly happy! ;-)