Thursday, June 6, 2013

Thankful Thursdays - 6/6/13 - Homeschooling Moms

Today I am especially thankful for other homeschooling Moms. It is comforting to know I have friends who understand some of the joys and frustrations I experience every day. 

I hope you have a good friend or two, maybe three or four you can really share with. Having friends that will allow you to be honest and open is a valuable thing. Because they have been with you through the struggles, they rejoice all the more with you when things go well.

A few of us are getting together to discuss Todd Wilson's book Lies Homeschooling Moms Believe. (By the way- it's a great book!) One of the benefits of getting together to discuss what we've read is the chance to share in each other's lives. We laugh, we cry, we always have a lot of fun. But mostly, we encourage each other that every day is a new day, and God will guide us as we teach our children.

Whether or not you homeschool, it is important to have a few (or at least one) really good friend to share with. Maybe that is your spouse, or maybe it's another Mom or Dad. If you have a good friend, you have a treasure --- be thankful for them!

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