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See The Light - Tiffany Window Art Project Review

 photo logo_zpsd9b498e2.gifSometimes you would like to include "Art" in your child's day, but you're not ready to commit to a semester long curriculum, or 6 weeks at a local art center. See The Light has nine different options to choose from in their "Art Projects" series. Each project features instructor and Master Artist Pat Knepley teaching you and your child about the style of a famous artist from a 4-part DVD. Arlene and I recently had the opportunity to review the "Tiffany Window" project.

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This particular project is designed for students 10 and above. (Arlene was 12.) The DVD has 4 parts and retails for $14.99. The student watches each part, then works on their project. Overall, you should allow about an hour per section (20-30 minutes of DVD, and the rest for the student's project.) I can see how some students could use a little more time with each section, so allow at least an hour and a half so your student doesn't feel rushed. There are other projects designed for students as young as 5.

In the Tiffany Window project, the four lessons are: 1- Planning Your Composition, 2- Rule of Thirds, 3- Color Theory, and 4- Completed Masterpiece. The supply list is short, and for most families, you will already have all of the necessary items at home. At most, I think you can easliy keep the cost of this project under $10, including buying brand new markers. Some of the other projects utilize specialized art supplies that you may need to head to the store to purchase.

Arlene and I watched the first video segment together. Then, she got to work, while I made dinner. By the end of the week, she had watched the other sections and done most of the project herself without any prompting. (That means she enjoyed it!) Pat Knepley is an enthusiastic teacher, and winds the elements, principals, and art history into the lesson with joy. She also includes Biblical principals and how they relate to art in a non-preachy way. God created art, and Pat's love of both God and art shines through the DVD.

Louis Comfort Tiffany has always been a personal favorite of mine, so whenever we have been around one in the past, I've pointed them out to the girls. The Indianpolis museum of Art has a large 5-panel Tiffany window in its collection entitled "Angel of the Resurrection" which Arlene has seen several times. Since this project is designed for children, Mrs. Knepley wisely recommends they use an artificial flower as their subject matter, and limit the size to 11x14".

At first, Arlene made a pencil drawing as the DVD sections were playing. Then, once she was confident in the techniques she had been taught, she switched to the final project and got out the markers and posterboard.

Her finished project is currently hanging  in our front window. When it is sunny out, it definitely looks like a stained-glass window!

If you try one or more of the projects and decide you enjoy Pat Knepley's teaching style as much as we did, you can purchase a 1-year art class set for $99.99 from See The Light.

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